For today’s episode I brought in an expert on house rental in Australia. His name is Seddon Johnston and he is the Director of Ausrental Sydney. A lot of new migrants struggle to find their first rental house in Australia mainly because of lack of rental history, employment contracts and other documents or requirements. A lot of migrants arrive here with no jobs but need a permanent rental place to stay in and that’s where Ausrental comes in. They have helped a lot of expats and migrants to find, inspect and secure their rental property here in Australia. Seddon grew up in New Zealand  and moved to Sydney in 2010. For today’s episode he shared his own story being a first time renter and what were the struggles that he faced. He also answered questions on what’s the most important thing you need to check during a house inspection, what you should take note when signing that lease agreement, and What will give you an edge over other prospect tenants? You might be surprised once you hear the tips that he gave us. All the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in today’s episode so listen right in. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Seddon’s first time experience renting a house in Sydney
  • Sydney and Melbourne market situation
  • How tough it is to find a rental house in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Best way to research and pick a suburb
  • What to take note during a house inspection
  • Biggest mistake first-time renters make
  • What will give you a competitive edge over other tenants
  • What to look out for when signing a tenancy agreement
  • Advantage of finding a house prior to arriving in Australia 


I shared the story of how my husband got his job after several rejections from Australian companies because of his lack of local experience. The way he landed the job was totally unexpected and we were in shock after receiving the news. This is the final episode of the year and it serves as a gratitude episode and inspirational episode to lift your spirits if you are job hunting right now or about to embark on this journey!

Women in construction in Australia

Working as a civil engineer in Brisbane, Sujitha Kumari is representing migrant women in the male-dominated construction industry here in Australia. December 18 is International Migrants Day and this week’s episode is dedicated to this day!  Sujitha is originally from India who moved to Singapore and then finally migrated to Australia. She talked about her migration story, the state of the construction industry in Australia and how she was able to penetrate the industry without any local experience.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Sujitha’s migration story
  • Skills assessment process through Engineers Australia
  • Importance and benefit of Engineer’s Australia membership
  • Getting a job offer outside of Australia
  • Current state of the construction industry in Australia
  • Making the most out of her career break and building connections
  • Jobhunting with no local experience
  • Being a woman in the construction industry
  • Working in Australia vs working in Singapore and India


Almost all new migrants will have to go through the daunting task of job hunting in Australia and it is not easy when every employer you speak to requires you to have local experience. Fret not! I prepared this episode with you in mind since we have been there and know how challenging it is. Here are 10 tips to increase your chances of getting hired. Good luck!



I wanted to hear from a fellow migrant on their pregnancy and birth experience here in Australia so I had a very good chat with Nazmin Akter. Nazmin is originally from Dhaka City, Bangladesh and has been living in Australia since 2011. She lives in Southwest Sydney with her husband and 17 month old baby boy whom are now both Australian citizens like herself. In this episode she shared her observations on the differences and similarities in having a baby here compared to her home country Bangladesh, how she coped with the pregnancy being away from family and friends and we generally just had a good chat while she shared her experience. Just a disclaimer, we discussed the test for down syndrome and I mistakenly referred to it as autism. I know these are two different conditions but for some reason I mentioned autism instead of down syndrome but luckily Nazmin mentioned the correct condition that we are talking about but I just want to point it out here to avoid confusion or so not to offend anyone. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Student visa in Australia
  • Why she decided to be a stay at home mother
  • Maternity leave benefits
  • Public hospital experience
  • Antenatal services and process
  • Coping with pregnancy while being away from family and friends
  • Cultural differences in having a baby in Australia versus Bangladesh
  • Delivery experience
  • Medical facilities
  • Coping with a new baby in a foreign country



 Nazimin’s blog 

Nazmin’s Instagram

Have you ever wondered how it is living and working in Sydney? 

I for sure have my own preconceived ideas and to be honest I kind of hesitate to move there mainly because of how expensive the houses are! 

In Episode 5 of the podcast, Orsi Toth Pal shares her insight on this and let’s us take a peek into her life in Sydney. Orsi is originally from Hungary and left home when she was only 18 and has been living abroad for 12 years now. She is also the author of the book Landed – Living Guide to Sydney and she has built a wonderful community of Sydney expats on Facebook and also blogs about her life down under. 

Listen to the episode and hear what she has to say! I am sure you will learn a thing or two. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to get a sponsored visa
  • First day experience in Sydney
  • How she found a temporary house
  • Tips on finding a house and securing a rental house
  • How to make friends in a new country
  • Weekend activities and making the most out of living in Sydney
  • Is living in Sydney stressful?
  • Transportation in Sydney
  • Working life in Sydney and is Australia really laid back?
  • Does everyone have an “escape plan” in Sydney and property costs in Sydney
  • Landed a new home website and book




  • The nitty gritty details of all the things we had to do and settle before we left Singapore for good and move to Australia

Mentioned in this episode: