Episode 6: Pregnancy and birth experience in Australia with Nazmin Akter

I wanted to hear from a fellow migrant on their pregnancy and birth experience here in Australia so I had a very good chat with Nazmin Akter. Nazmin is originally from Dhaka City, Bangladesh and has been living in Australia since 2011. She lives in Southwest Sydney with her husband and 17 month old baby boy whom are now both Australian citizens like herself. In this episode she shared her observations on the differences and similarities in having a baby here compared to her home country Bangladesh, how she coped with the pregnancy being away from family and friends and we generally just had a good chat while she shared her experience. Just a disclaimer, we discussed the test for down syndrome and I mistakenly referred to it as autism. I know these are two different conditions but for some reason I mentioned autism instead of down syndrome but luckily Nazmin mentioned the correct condition that we are talking about but I just want to point it out here to avoid confusion or so not to offend anyone. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Student visa in Australia
  • Why she decided to be a stay at home mother
  • Maternity leave benefits
  • Public hospital experience
  • Antenatal services and process
  • Coping with pregnancy while being away from family and friends
  • Cultural differences in having a baby in Australia versus Bangladesh
  • Delivery experience
  • Medical facilities
  • Coping with a new baby in a foreign country



 Nazimin’s blog 

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