Episode 13: Securing a Home Loan w/ Ghia Shrestha

For today’s show I have Ghia Shresta, a mortgage broker and owner of SG HOMELOANS. She is originally from the Philippines and has been living in Australia since January 2006.  The discussion I had with Ghia was very insightful and I am sure it will help you as well specially if you are like me who has no idea what mortgage brokers do and why we should consider using their services! I really learned a lot from our conversation and discussed things like common mistakes first time home buyers do and how to save up for a house deposit. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Ghia’s experience purchasing her first home
  • How she saved up for her deposit
  • Things to do in preparation for purchasing a home
  • How to know how much you can afford
  • Common mistake for first time home buyers
  • What is a loan pre-approval
  • What is a mortgage broker
  • Advice for those who are purchasing their first homes
  • Investing in real estate property


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