Episode 14: Life as an Indian Migrant in Australia w/ Shilpa Agarwal

Listen to this episode and learn from Shilpa Agarwal who is originally from Mumbai, India and has been living in Australia since 2014. She works full time running her successful book coaching business and wrote the book want solution which helps readers to follow their dreams and take chances! We discussed life in Adelaide, life as an Indian migrant in Australia, how she preserves her culture while still adapting to the Aussie culture, taking risks and making your dreams come true!

In this episode we discussed:

  • Shilpa’s migration story and why she migrated
  • Maing friends and building connections
  • Living in Adelaide
  • Adapting to the Australian culture while preserving Indian traditions
  • Biggest culture shock in Australia
  • Shilpa’s career and business in Australia
  • Balancing work and motherhood
  • Taking risks and investing to achieve your dream


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