Have you ever wondered how it is living and working in Sydney? 

I for sure have my own preconceived ideas and to be honest I kind of hesitate to move there mainly because of how expensive the houses are! 

In Episode 5 of the podcast, Orsi Toth Pal shares her insight on this and let’s us take a peek into her life in Sydney. Orsi is originally from Hungary and left home when she was only 18 and has been living abroad for 12 years now. She is also the author of the book Landed – Living Guide to Sydney and she has built a wonderful community of Sydney expats on Facebook and also blogs about her life down under. 

Listen to the episode and hear what she has to say! I am sure you will learn a thing or two. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to get a sponsored visa
  • First day experience in Sydney
  • How she found a temporary house
  • Tips on finding a house and securing a rental house
  • How to make friends in a new country
  • Weekend activities and making the most out of living in Sydney
  • Is living in Sydney stressful?
  • Transportation in Sydney
  • Working life in Sydney and is Australia really laid back?
  • Does everyone have an “escape plan” in Sydney and property costs in Sydney
  • Landed a new home website and book




  • The nitty gritty details of all the things we had to do and settle before we left Singapore for good and move to Australia

Mentioned in this episode: