Welcome to season two of Migrant mama in Australia podcast. It has been awhile since I last recorded an episode and a lot of things has happened since we moved here in Australia. For the first episode of this podcast’s season two, I will share an update on how is our life here in Australia so far. Do I still like it here? Any regrets expectations versus reality moments? And how is life in Rockhampton in particular, if you want a glimpse of a migrant’s first year here, down under, then please listen to this episode.

Listen to this episode and learn from Shilpa Agarwal who is originally from Mumbai, India and has been living in Australia since 2014. She works full time running her successful book coaching business and wrote the book want solution which helps readers to follow their dreams and take chances! We discussed life in Adelaide, life as an Indian migrant in Australia, how she preserves her culture while still adapting to the Aussie culture, taking risks and making your dreams come true!

In this episode we discussed:

  • Shilpa’s migration story and why she migrated
  • Maing friends and building connections
  • Living in Adelaide
  • Adapting to the Australian culture while preserving Indian traditions
  • Biggest culture shock in Australia
  • Shilpa’s career and business in Australia
  • Balancing work and motherhood
  • Taking risks and investing to achieve your dream


I shared the story of how my husband got his job after several rejections from Australian companies because of his lack of local experience. The way he landed the job was totally unexpected and we were in shock after receiving the news. This is the final episode of the year and it serves as a gratitude episode and inspirational episode to lift your spirits if you are job hunting right now or about to embark on this journey!

Women in construction in Australia

Working as a civil engineer in Brisbane, Sujitha Kumari is representing migrant women in the male-dominated construction industry here in Australia. December 18 is International Migrants Day and this week’s episode is dedicated to this day!  Sujitha is originally from India who moved to Singapore and then finally migrated to Australia. She talked about her migration story, the state of the construction industry in Australia and how she was able to penetrate the industry without any local experience.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Sujitha’s migration story
  • Skills assessment process through Engineers Australia
  • Importance and benefit of Engineer’s Australia membership
  • Getting a job offer outside of Australia
  • Current state of the construction industry in Australia
  • Making the most out of her career break and building connections
  • Jobhunting with no local experience
  • Being a woman in the construction industry
  • Working in Australia vs working in Singapore and India


Almost all new migrants will have to go through the daunting task of job hunting in Australia and it is not easy when every employer you speak to requires you to have local experience. Fret not! I prepared this episode with you in mind since we have been there and know how challenging it is. Here are 10 tips to increase your chances of getting hired. Good luck!